Satoshi is a middle highschool student on a field trip with with his classmates during their last summer together as they are all going to graduate. He has a mother and a sister named Rioko living in Tokyo.


Satoshi is childish quite normal for his age as his excitement on the gang's trip to Kijijima. He has deep loyalty to his friends as being with them is his only driving force and reason to live after the great calamity strucked the world. He also loves his family as he greatly and often worries about them whe he see the picture faxed to one of the office buried in one of the towns of Kijijima. Prior to the "Great Disaster" he is cheerful,goofy and innocent whose worries is about playiing with his friends and having fun. Atfter the the tsunami he became desperate as he is willing to try anything to survive such as making a S.O.S sign using stones, starting a campire using primitive means and eating a spider all of which failed because of the hopelessness of the situation and his age but has enough willpower to survive for one week. Extremely loyal to his friends as he did everything for Mika to survive. Due to him seeing the effects of the blood red sun's to adult pschyce he finds it very hard to trust them but eventually he warms up to Genzou even willing to risk his life to save them.


Gender Male
First Appearance Chapter 1
Status Alive