Akatani is a former doctor who happens to board the same ship as the protaginists.


Very little is known about Akatini's personal background but bits of information was revealed during his conversation with Mira Hiragi that he used to be a doctor practicing his profession in Yokohama. Whether his retired or he simply resigned to become a freelance doctor is currently unknown.

Dr. Akatani
Doctor Akatani
Gender Male
Family Unknown
First Appearance Chapter 2
Status Deceased


Used to be a doctor by profession, Akatini is noble dedicated selfless person who is willing to put his medical expertise to good use following the aftermath of the disaster. He tended to the many injured people of the ship including Tomosaka and was willing to find and save as many people as he can. Optimistic by nature he was willing to overlook the fact that the fat sailorman has eaten most of their rations in order to maintain cohesiveness and unity among the sailors also encouraging them not lose heart in the situation and focus on taking care of the passengers in order to avoid panic.


Akatani was first introduced in a one week flashback prior to Satonishi discovering the shipwreck on the very same Kijijima Island that they are heading into.When Tomosaka was implaled by a metalrod in her stomach. Mika and another sailor rush Tomosaka to see the doctor. With first aid he stabilized Tomosaka's condition and attempted to rally the passengers in order to save as many people as possible.However most of the passengers are selfish and the only one to help him is Mika. As they going to look around, they saw the sailors beating up a comrade as the man has eaten most of they rations. Two days passed, when they were informed that no rescue would come coupled with the exposure to the bloody red sun.Passengers begun to riot as Aniki was affected by the exposure but still manage to save Mika and Tomosaka from the two men that was about to rape them.

After finding a safe place Aniki deduces that there is something wrong about the sun. After Tomosaka's death at the hands of the Fat Sailorman he manage to again save Mika and locked her to his room and told her about the blood red sun and its panic effect to people as well as her immunity to whatever is causing it. He bids her goodbye and went off to do something with Fat Sailorman. One week has passed Satoshi manage to find the ship and met Aniki, half-dead and on the verge of changing he realized that the children is somehow immune to the blood red sun gave his room key to Satoshi as he dies smiling.